About Us

The Guitarists of the World are in Istanbul

We are of course proud of being able to bring to life a festival such as this one, whose absence has been felt in Istanbul for years. Our main goal was to bring the world famous artists together with you in this city, which has embraced various cultures. While we do that, we did not confine ourselves to concerts only and organized lessons where students from Turkey and abroad can meet with such valuable masters and enhance their experiences and skills.

We are very happy that we were shown a great interest last year both in Turkey and abroad. We extend our thanks to all artists, participants and sponsors  who attended our festival.

The festival is in its sixth year and has been recognized as an influential festival in the guitar World. The future of this festival depends on its popularity among you.

Festival Committee

Organization: Nilsan
GM : Prof. Dr Beril Küçümen
Festival Advisor: Prof. Cem Küçümen
Art Director: Prof. Çiğdem İyicil
Coordinator: Kerim Altinors
Honorary Member: Şadi Ensari
Honorary Member: Utku Küley
Agency Director: Amin Hajizadeh
Austrian Agent: Saba Mazaji
American Agent: Afshin Torabi
UK Agent: Danguolė Lingytė
Middle East Agent: Milad Azizi
Media Director : Asya Tuğçe Yaldız
Assistants : Malik Küçümen, Zihni Deniz Küçümen