Pedro Sierra

Pedro Sierra. Born in 1966, Barcelona. In Catalonia, Pedro already stood out as an excellent accompanying guitarist. In the mid 1980’s he came to Seville and became the accompanying guitarist to singers like Carmen Linares, Maria Vargas, Potito, La Tobala and La Susi. However, accompanying dancers is where he has gained the most notoriety. He has composed the music for the choreography of dancers such as Farruco, Mario Maya, Manuel Soler, Israel Galván, and Javier Barón, Cristina Hoyos and Manuela Carrasco. He is the composer of three CDs “Decisión” (2001), “Nikelao” (2005) and “El Toque Flamenco” (2011). He has produced many artists as well. Pedro has taught “Guitarra de Acompañamiento al Baile” at the Fundación Cristina Heeren since 2007.

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